I help men get through Divorce by walking with them, passing on knowledge gained from my own journey of rising from the ashes of the destruction of my marriage. I cant fix you, but I can give you the tools to rise up, a Phoenix, from your Divorce.

The program I offer, Forged By Fire, will provide you with the tools, and community, needed to Rise up and over come your Divorce.  Info on the program can be found Here

When I began my Divorce journey, in July 0f 2019, I found little to no resources for Men going through Divorce. There were plenty of books, podcasts, coaches, programs, and websites dealing with Divorce, but very little specifically for Men.  That is why I have created all that I have, see below for a link to my podcast and YouTube Channel.  I became determined to fill that void, to provide something that simply, didn’t exist. That is why I went to Lumia Life Coaching School (started and run by The Angry Therapist, John Kim), enrolled and graduated from the Alpha Code Academy, and started my podcast.  The intention is and always will be, to help Men through Divorce.  To help them to take advantage of an unwanted, unasked for opportunity.  To get them to seize the moment, to use the ashes of the former life to fuel a new one.

I want to take all I have learned and help you achieve the growth and progress that I have had in life.

Book a call today and let’s begin your journey, to rise up, A Phoenix, into a new life

Ways I'm Helping Men Rise Up From Divorce