I highly recommend this program! I took it and have learned so much about myself. I have become more comfortable with sharing my struggles with others. Getting out of my comfort zone. Also learned self soothing techniques. Everything I have learned will benefit me in my present life and future. I also was able to feel comfortable with a custody decision I was struggling to make by seeing another brothers perspective on my situation from this program. – Scott S. – Indiana

I joined the forged by fire program broken, rejected, abandoned. I had no sense of who I was a part from my marriage and codependent on the views of those lost that formed my identity. Through the commitment to the program, determination to lean into the pain and the embrace of male fellowship, I have reconnected to myself, became apart of a greater whole, a brotherhood, learned skills to strengthen my emotional resilience and started the greatest and most important relationship, the one with myself. Today I feel empowered, focused, capable, strong and determined to love myself and respect myself. This program and through the effort committed, I gained a new way of living and the future is more obtainable and on my terms. I have hurt, I have cried, I have yelled. Through the ashes of what was, I am on a journey anew, I am a rising phoenix and I couldn’t be more thankful. – Jearon C. – Texas